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DNA Results from Cheek Cells

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Cheek swab for DNA testAll of your DNA is contained in each cell of your body – your complete genetic code in one little package. Since your DNA is in every cell, one of the easiest places to get sample cells is from your cheeks. Cheeks cells are painless way to get a sample – all you need to do is use the provided swabs from your DNA kit and scrape them against the inside of your cheeks. The swabs are sent off to the lab where robots in a lab actually use chemicals, tubes and other high-tech machines to isolate the DNA from the cheek cells.

The DNA is then studied by computers by looking at certain locations in the genetic code that can reveal information about your ancestry. Your results are then compared with other individuals to see how similar the results are. This is how you can discover possible relatives and how closely you are related to them.

This type of DNA test doesn’t tell you anything about your hair or eye color or any kinf of personal information, like medical conditions or predisposition to certain medical conditions. Ancestral DNA only looks at deep ancestry.

Once you get the results, you can then enter the information into a variety of DNA websites and see if you can match any distant cousins!

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